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                                          Placement Application

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Advanced Obedience
Behavior Solving
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The following application is for the purpose of placing performance dogs in the most appropriate home. All dogs are spayed and neutered, up to date on medical needs, and crate trained. Some have been started with formal obedience training and others have completed formal obedience training. Filling out this application does not guarantee you will be selected to adopt a dog. We are looking for motivated, knowledgeable, and responsible dog owners. We reserve the right to refuse or deny your application. 




Applicant's Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Drivers License #





Home Phone #

Work Phone #

Email Address:


Do you own your own home?   Yes     No

Do you rent?  Apartment   Condo   House

If you rent, will your landlord be willing to sign a statement allowing you to keep a dog in the apartment, condo or house? Yes    No

Please provide your landlords name and phone number.

Do you have a fenced in yard?  Yes   No

Would you be willing to allow a home visit from one of our friends in your area?  Yes    No

Do you have any children?  Yes     No

If so, what are their ages?

Have they been exposed to dogs in the past?

Were there ever any problems with your children & dogs?

Do you work full time? Yes    No

Are there any family members at home full time?  Yes   No



Why do you want a performance dog?

What's your "ideal" goal for the dog you are interested in?

What's your "realistic" goal for the dog?

What sort of working drive do you feel would mesh with your personality, i.e., hard, sharp, moderate, low? And why?

Please list any prior dog training experience, titles earned, breeds owned, and what happened to these dogs.

Are you a member of any breed or competition clubs regional, national, or international?

Have you ever held office for any of these clubs? If so, was this office voluntary or elected?

Have you ever crate-trained a puppy/adult dog?  Yes   No

What are your feelings on crate-training & the use of crates?

How much experience have you had with the breed you are considering?


Please list any dogs you currently own.

Name: Breed: Sex: Age:

Name: Breed: Sex: Age:

Name: Breed: Sex: Age:

Name: Breed: Sex: Age:

Please provide the name, address, and telephone number of your veterinarian as a reference.

Please provide the name and telephone number of one person who can attest to your character.


Where will your performance dog live?

How much time alone will your dog spend?


If you can think of anything on a more personal note that you'd like to add to this, we'd love to hear it. The idea behind these questions is that knowing the dogs temperament and traits, we may see different things in them than you would as a stranger attempting to evaluate, and may be able to guide you towards a dog which realistically suits your experience, needs and goals.



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